Saturday, October 1, 2011


So, I joined Blogtoberfest this year, and then nearly neglected to blog on the first day! It's already 11:37 (so I'm just barely still in October 1)' and I'm a very old 27-year-old who goes to bed around 10pm every night (so this is unbelievably late for me!). My dogs wake me up at 6am every morning regardless of when we went to bed, though, so I do sort of have an excuse... (really I'm just an old lady in a young body).

I went shopping this afternoon and used my 50% and 40% off coupons at JoAnn today to buy some red wool and red lining to make a 60s sheath dress. It's beautiful wool.

After that, it occurred to me that I should have a plan for the month so I can actually get a few things done. So here's my ambitious plan:

1. Complete my Circle Skirt Sew-along skirt.
2. Sew a red wool dress.
3. Put up photos of the sheet dress.
4. Sew the Colette Ginger in the pink mystery fabric with gray pinstripes from my stash.
5. Bind at leasrt one book every week (did you know I bind books? I do. I love books.)
6. Write a blog entry every day of the month. What are your plans for October?


  1. I like your list of things to do...good luck with daily blogging! I've just dropped by say hi to fellow blogtober-ers.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I hope I can finish everything on the list! :)