Friday, September 30, 2011

Vogue Patterns - Winter/Holiday 2011

Have you seen the new patterns yet? I'm a little disappointed, but there were a few that I really loved.

I adore this dress. I could never wear something this low-cut without a tank underneath, but the ruffles in the back are just...amazing. I want those ruffles swaying behind me!

 I'm always attracted to dresses with simple lines, and I'm a sucker for patterns with options. :)

I'm definitely in need of more blouses. Not animal-print-type blouses, but I do love the bow. :)

Finally, this pattern for jeans. I have yet to try my hand at pants, and I'm frankly a little afraid of them, but I might just try anyway. The skinny pants remind me of the Colette version, the Clover, that just came out this season. I might go for those instead. :)

Do you have any favorites? Any not-so-favorites? I thought I'd be in love with the vintage reprints, but I just can't love the sleeves on V8768.

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