Monday, September 10, 2012

Wardrobe Planning, Color, and New School Year Goals

I've started school! Two years ago, I decided I wanted to return to school to get my Master's degree and become a librarian. I applied to the iSchool at the University of Michigan, but after I was accepted, my partner was offered a post-doctoral position at the University of Illinois. By then, it was too late for me to apply to UofI's library program, so I waited until the next year rolled around. I not only got in; I also got one of the coveted graduate assistantship positions, which is really what enables me to afford out-of-state tuition.

The week before classes started, our house was completely divided. On my side, it was "I'm so excited for classes to start!" and on my partner's side it was pure dread (she's teaching a 750-student class that's half online and half in person, and the amount of work she's putting into it is the equivalent of two or three normal classes).

At any rate, all of this is to say that I've been incredibly busy. Just taking the time to type this out is... well... not exactly the best use of my time. But I miss blogging! And I really miss sewing! I haven't sewn anything since August 28.

In spite of my lack of time right now, I wanted to share some of my thoughts about wardrobe planning with you. Have any of you been following StephC's Conversant in Color series? If you haven't been, you really should. It's inspiring, and it contains a lot of really useful information. My favorite post so far was about buying fabric. Her comments about buying prints are a little controversial, but I have to say that I agree 100%. I've been having the same thoughts about my own wardrobe. When I used to buy RTW clothing, I always purchased solids, but when I buy fabric to make my own clothes, I buy prints. Why?! The items I've made often match nothing else in my closet, or they only match one thing, or I thank God that I made it into a dress so it doesn't have to match much else. Either way, I stand in front of my closet every morning wondering how in the world I'm going to piece together an outfit from what I own.

my scarf collection, around which I intend to base my sewing color palette

I decided to take a page out of Cindy's (from Cation Designs) book and write up a list of goals for the school year, although I'm a little late. Lucky this isn't getting graded!
  • Create a cohesive wardrobe of at least 9 interchangeable items (which can include items that already exist in my closet).
  • Edit my wardrobe and repair/alter anything that's not working.
  • Make a rain jacket - before the spring rains hit!
  • Make a blazer or similar jacket (I'm loving the Burdastyle Crossover Blazer).
  • Make at least three items from fabric in my stash.
  • Make at least three items from patterns in my stash (these can double count with fabric).
  • Sew something with a knit.
  • Make curtains for the living room.
  • Purchase or make jewelery/accessories that accent my wardrobe.
  • Invest in a good quality pair of shoes.
  • Try sewing bras & undies.
It's a short list, but it kind of has to be. I am a crazy stresscase of a student again, after all!