Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Perfect Wedding with DIY Details

Yay! I'm married! That's what I wrote in chalk on my parents' back deck during the reception. The day could not possibly have been more perfect. The weather was overcast during the ceremony, but the sun came out later, and it was beautiful for the rest of the day.

There were so many little handmade details I want to share, which my mom and sister and I worked on for so long. I made the favors, which were chocolates gathered up in muslin circles and tied with green and gray ribbons. You can see the table number between them as well (printed on cardstock and glued to cut and bent bits of hanger with another piece of paper to cover the back).

My sister and my mom made the centerpieces, which were these lovely coffee filter flowers. All of the other tables had theirs in green wine bottles (took forever to peel the labels off some of those!), but as you can see, ours are super tall and graced a lovely glass vase. You can't see the necklace I'm wearing very well, but my mom made that too. I'll have to get a closer picture of it. It's especially special (hehe) because at the end of the chain that dangles down my back, there's a tiny leaf with a diamond in it that was removed from my engagement-and-now-wedding ring when it was re-sized.

And just for fun, my dad brought out the sidewalk chalk, and one of my friends drew this adorable picture of me and A with our dogs (who sadly are not well-behaved enough to have been at the wedding).

My camera remains at my parents' house until I can get out there on Thursday, at which time we will return to our regular programming. Which isn't actually all that regular. Ah, well. Either way, I'll get you all a photo of the sheet dress and possibly of the navy circle skirt I'm working on. :)

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