Monday, October 17, 2011

In My Blog Reader: A Beautiful Mess

Just a short note tonight. I spent most of my evening watching Pan Am and tracing the Ginger pattern, and I really need to start getting to bed at a reasonable hour so I can walk my dogs in the morning.

However, for your viewing pleasure, I'm linking you to one of the blogs in my reader. I have a terrible memory for pretty much everything, so please don't ask me how or when I found Elsie. I'm so glad I did, though. She writes a beautiful blog called A Beautiful Mess, where she writes tutorials, posts photos of her beautiful outfits, posts recipes (I haven't tried any yet, but the photos are gorgeous!), and writes about owning a vintage shop, among other things. Her style and enthusiasm are inspiring, and it's refreshing to read what she has to say.

Also, the colors in her outfit today are just gorgeous. Red and pink (in my fall palette!), with mustard yellow. So much pop and joy in one outfit!

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