Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On My Project List

So, my project list just seems to keep growing and growing. Here's what I have on it right now:

Hem A's Renaissance cloak
Finish pink pinstriped Ginger
Sew red wool dress
Shorten vintage seafoam green dress and remove lace
Re-hem circle skirt (the hem is all out of wack, since I apparently didn't hang it long enough before hemming..whoops!) and add pleats
Make pillows for the bland loveseat
Embroider wedding album cover
Bind 2012 calendar for A (annual Christmas gift)
Knit scarf for my sister (told her I'd do this last year)
Knit scarf for my mom (she was admiring the one I made myself)
Cover keyboard base for A (essentially a piece of 1x4 that she'll use to raise the keyboard up to the level of the wristpad)

How many projects do you have in the works, or are you planning on finishing by the new year? How many do you think you'll actually finish? I'm not really sure about myself. Not really sure at all...

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