Saturday, October 8, 2011

Circle Skirt - Completed!

Yay! My circle skirt (and first piece for the Colette Fall Palette Challenge) is finished!

Because of the wedding (and planning, and honeymoon), I started the skirt pretty late in the sew-along, and the only reason I was able to finish in time for the party was that the timeline got pushed back a bit. Some things are just meant to be. :)

One of those things was apparently not in-seam pockets. I stitched the side-seams together, realized I'd forgotten to insert pockets, picked the seams apart, and then proceeded to stich them together again the next day (without pockets). At that point, I just decided that this skirt was not destined to have pockets.

I used some more fabric from my sheet dress to make bias tape (my first time!) to finish the seams, and I'm so excited about how it turned out. So pretty.

I forgot to finish the raw edges of the patch before I stitched on the waistband, so I ended up pulling a few threads attaching the waistband close to the zipper and finishing it, then re-attaching those inches of waistband. :) Silly mistake, but it's all right now.

I didn't have the time to add the pleated strip at the bottom, but I'll be doing that early next week. Hopefully more pictures to follow, and another project soon!


  1. Fabulous skirt! Wasn't the Sew-Along fun? I can't wait to make another. I'd like to try shorter, like the photo you have in an earlier post of the woman walking the dog. I think I could pull that off a bit better in my daily life. I love the bit of color you added with your seam binding!

  2. Thank you, Amy! I was thinking about doing a shorter one as well. I'm actually thinking I might shorten this one. I overestimated the length quite a bit, and even though I took off 3", I think I need to cut another inch or two. I'd love to see what you do with it if you decide to make another one!