Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blue Daisy Dress (aka sheet dress) - Photos

Finally! I have my camera back, the weather is beautiful, and I wore my dress to work today, so I have photos for you. I wore the dress under my navy sweater with my new nude pumps, but when I got out of the office, it was gorgeous enough to lose the sweater, so sorry, no "multiple ways to wear it" post today. Definitely something for a later post.

Dancing. Or...figuring out how to use the timer on my camera... :)

Figured it out! This dress fits like a dream. Dream, I tell you. Are your dreams slightly snug around the ribs? Mine are.

And of course, a photo with the dogs. I adore them. They adore treats. You can see Onyx, but you have to look closely to spot Siri's brown nose and white paws. She's such a good girl! At least, she is when she sees a cookie.


  1. Really? Made from a sheet? I never would have guessed. I love the floral print. It looks like it fits perfectly. And of course, I love the photo with the puppy dogs.

  2. Thank you! Your comment made my day. :) I love that print. Whenever I wear that dress, I always wonder if someone will recognize it, though!