Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinterest Parade #2

I'm looking for fall inspiration, because every day, I'm either too cold or too warm. Need to start layering better!

Love the cuffed jacket sleeves, sheer-ish tights, boots, and scarf. Cute, but not too wintery.

I love this skirt and 3/4-length sweater, and the tights are great too. Not so sure about the hat... :)

I want this coat. A lot.

More layering, and cuffed sleeves on a jacket again. These girls are smart. I need to get myself a jacket!


  1. I came across this last night, I'm not sure if you can crochet (its real easy). But, I'm thinking of making it! http://www.naturallycaron.com/projects/aphrodite/aphrodite_1.html

  2. I find it hard to dress this time of year I either look like I'm done up for winter or just walked out of summer!! you chose some good inspiration though I love that second image!

    fab blog by the way, I followed you over from tinniegirl's blogtoberfest :)


  3. @Stacy, I do crochet, but not regularly enough to be really good at it. :) That shawl is really cute. I'd love to see photos if you do decide to make it!

    @Sarah, Thank you! It's so nice to know that people are not only reading but enjoying my blog! I've found some good blogs through Blogtoberfest as well.