Friday, November 11, 2011

Pinterest Parade #4 - Warm for the Winter

Prepare yourself for a super photo-heavy post. This week's Pinterest Parade is much longer than usual; the snow has inspired me to find ways to stay warm! Prepare for a lot of black/gray, and just imagine these outfits with shades of blue, pink, and red added to all the neutrals.

I love this sweater/cape/shawl thing over the detailed skirt. Toss in some color, and I'd wear it every day!

I love the silhouette of this outfit, with the fitted sweater and the flared skirt. Beautiful.

Hat, sweater, corduroy skirt, tights, and boots. Perfect. I must get some tights for this winter!

You remember my post about finding/making the perfect winter coat? Well, I've found it. Just look at the beautiful silhouette and those gorgeous dramatic sleeves!

Layers. This tulle skirt would be beautiful and warm over a fleece, flannel, or wool skirt, and she's layering on top too. I would need some tights, though.

This outfit is similar in feel to the one above it, but she's wearing a scarf, tights, and boots. Again, another layer under this dress, and it would be perfect. I might need to make myself some full slips out of silk for this purpose.

The person who pinned this one first wrote that you could make it out of a scarf stitched together, and it looks like that's what it is. It also looks super cute and warm!

The last and potentially warmest of our options is this sweater dress. At least, I think it's sweater material. It certainly looks cozy!


  1. Love that last dress!

  2. Me too! I need that oversized cowl detail in my life this winter, and pockets always make me happy. It's the perfect winter dress.