Monday, November 14, 2011

Stitcher's Guild SWAP 2012

Last week, in my excitement about my new discovery of the Stitcher's Guild and their annual SWAP, I posted a non-MWF post. :) After lots of debating, I've come up with a pretty solid plan for the items I'll be including in my SWAP.

What's on here?

2 skirts - the Colette Ginger in navy and white cotton (1), and a self-drafted skirt with inverted box pleats, which I'll be stitching up in gray with a panel of pink along the bottom (6)
3 dresses - the sheath, vintage Butterick 2434 in wool that's much redder than it looks in the photo (2), the sundress, vintage Simplicity 3562 in embroidered white cotton (7), and the everyday dress, Simplicity 2145 in a printed rayon (10)
2 "overshirts" - vintage Butterick 4042 in sheer rose and blue and white dot polyesters (I know poly is the devil, but I couldn't resist!) (3 & 4)
1 t-shirt - Colette Jasmine in this gorgeous Spoonflower fabric (Bubbles by Kristopher K), cotton silk (I know it's absurdly expensive, but again, I can't resist! I've been ogling this fabric forever!) (5)
2 blouses - Burda 5/2011 in pink cotton, which I'll be taking Gertie's Bombshell class for (8), and vintage Simplicity 3520 in white cotton (9)
1 rain coat - Sewaholic Minoru in red - so excited about this one! (11)

As you can see, I don't yet have the fabrics for four of my items (the Jasmine, the self-drafted skirt, the vintage blouse, and the rain coat), but I'd say that's doing pretty well. I feel like all of these patterns are patterns I'll be able to use over and over again, modifying them so that each iteration is different from the ones that came before. I just need to get the rest of my fabrics and buy a bolt of muslin so I can start working on fitting.

Is anyone else participating in this year's SWAP?

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