Friday, November 4, 2011

Glitches and Sewing Productivity (or lack thereof)

So, I've run into a minor glitch. I've gotten the Ginger almost all the way to completion. All it needs is to get the zipper inserted, the top stitched, and the bottom hemmed. I bought an invisible zipper for my pink Ginger skirt, but...I don't have an invisible zipper foot. Definitely a glitch. I just bought one on Amazon, but since Amazon's not the company shipping it, I have no clue when it'll actually get here. What do I do in the meantime? Mmmm.... start another Ginger? Haha. Maybe by the time I get that zipper foot, I'll have two skirts ready for zippers!

I did promise to write about my sewing productivity. Well, I didn't track it super carefully, but I did take note of how I spend my time every day, when I'm not in the office, cooking, or doing chores. I spend most of my time with my dogs, my partner, or my friends. I hula hoop every Thursday for an hour and a half. I also spend a lot of time reading. I sewed for about 5 hours on Sunday, and then one hour on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is a grand total of 7. And did I manage to finish this skirt in those 7 hours, you wonder? Nope. Because I have glitches, and also because I'm slow, and also because I multitask and watch Project Runway, Once Upon a Time, and Pan Am while sewing, which slows me down like crazy. Not a very productive 7 hours!

Hopefully, I'll have something gorgeous to show you next week!

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