Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Butterick Sale = More Patterns

So.... I bought some more patterns over the weekend. There was a .99 sale at JoAnn on Butterick patterns, and at the thrift store, I found that Simplicity pattern for .25. It'll be a great basic pattern I can use to base new dresses on.

I think I have a problem. I currently own more patterns than I think I'll be able to sew up in the next five years. Cutting back would be a good idea, but in a way that encourages creativity and productivity. Hmm...

I'm thinking out loud here... I could only buy new patterns (one at a time) if I have an idea for them already (like they're included in my SWAP). Or I can buy a new pattern for every three old patterns I stitch up. Looking through my stash, there are quite a few beautiful vintage patterns that just aren't quite my style or that won't look good on someone as A/pear-shaped as me. I'm thinking a giveaway might be in order. I haven't done one of those yet! Check back next week. I'll have something beautiful for someone. :)


  1. We are thinking along the same lines. I am not going to do a giveaway, as I have done 2 in the last year or so. I culled 17 patterns last night and recycled them. I think I should do a second cull and be brutal. I am finding that the sheer volume of patterns is weighing on me and slowing me down from being innovative and creative.

  2. I'm slowing down in buying patterns too ( in my case it is sewing magazines, just patterns are not available in Russia in stores). In my case I created a tech drawing catalog from all magazines and look at it often, so I know what I have and can avoid buying similar patterns. I bought all magazines with all styles that I really love and now I can just say that I have them all. I do have a subcribtion to one magazine but it is because (reprinting of Boutique, Patrones and Look in one Russian magazine), but it is because this stuff is really new to me.
    You have to decide what do you want from these patterns - enjoyment from just collecting them? enjoyment from using them? educationing from patterns so you know how to draft your own pattern with similar construction? or you just buy them so you have something to do - looking at them - to fill a gap of unsatisfaction with your life?

  3. Mary, I know how you feel. You could do so much more with so much less... MySummerTouch, what an excellent point. Something to think about. You know, a part of me just wishes that by buying the pattern, I could get the dress instantly. I'm an instant pleasure kind of girl. But I also love the process of sewing, of something coming together from flat pieces of marked-up paper to something beautiful and wearable.