Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Night Productivity - Hemming Jeans and Sewing Skirts

I got slightly over an hour to sew last night, and for once I feel like I really made the most of it. I hemmed A's jeans, and it was a bit of an experiment, because I'd never hemmed jeans before, let alone sewn denim! There are a lot of "how to hem jeans" tutorials out there, and they all seem to say pretty much the same thing, but the easiest to follow in my opinion is this one. You're not supposed to take the original hem into account, so I'm a little afraid that the math doesn't quite add up and the jeans will still be too long (by however long the original hem is, so, like, a half inch). We'll see. She's coming home on Thursday, so I can report back after I make her try them on. :) If they do fit, I'll tack up the hem and call it good. Yay! And then I can be a hemming fiend and buy whatever jeans I want and just take them up. It literally took me half an hour, and it was my first time, so I don't see it being a lengthy project ever.

My pink Ginger (version 3) is sitting on my sewing table in a lovely little folded pile of shell, lining, and zipper, just waiting for my invisible zipper foot to arrive. Right next to it is my second Ginger (version 2), which is what I decided to do with that gorgeous heavy navy and white cotton fabric that I posted about last month. It's in a second lovely folded pile of shell, waistband facing, and zipper, again, just waiting for that invisible zipper foot to arrive. The day I get that thing, I'm going to hole up in my sewing room for an hour and finish both skirts, then I'm going to celebrate by taking photos of both of them and posting them and possibly doing a celebratory I'm-not-really-a-total-slacker-and-I-can-finish-things dance. :)

That will make my total items for the Colette Fall Palette Challenge three. Woohoo! Well, after I tear out the wonky hem on my circle skirt and re-hem it. Maybe I'll do that tonight. Unless I get my invisible zipper foot. If that happens, all bets are off!

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