Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Convergence of Worlds: A Renaissance Cloak and an iPad

I've been working on the cloak in my spare hours, and as usual, I've complicated things. I decided to line the cloak completely, and sew pockets into the lining. Lots of pockets. I'm almost done with the lining, but I've only started two in-seam pockets, not any of the rest I intend to add. Last night, I tore out almost every seam I stitched. It was a repeating nightmare of stitch, rip, re-stitch, stitch, rip, re-stitch. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the week.

In other news, I got an iPad, and I'm officially in love. Love, I tell you. I even bought it a case from this lovely Etsy seller. I can't wait for the case to come. I'm so eager to start taking my iPad everywhere with me... I got an excellent app that combines calendar and to-do list, which will be so useful for organizing my work and the projects I do at home. I can even get rid of my cumbersome spiral-bound planner and all the to-do lists littering my handbag, desk, and workspace. Now I just need to find an app that can create a time warp so I can spend hours in my sewing room and yet still have time for the other aspects of my life. :)

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