Thursday, August 18, 2011


So, I put a pause on sewing and blogging for a while, because life has been a little crazy lately. My grandfather died the week before last. It's been expected for a while (he's had heart problems forever and was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this year), bt that doesn't make it any easier.

Over the weekend, my partner moved to Illinois for a job for one year (only one - I definitely don't want to do a long-distance marriage for longer than that!), so I was spending every spare second with her before she left. I honestly didn't even set foot in my workroom for at least a week and a half.

Tomorrow, I have a new roommate moving in, so I've been busy making space for her and getting the house in order (we neglected cleaning as well in order to spend time together).

It's been a very strange mix of sad and exciting the last few weeks. Hopefully my life will calm down soon and I'll be able to settle into a rhythm of sewing and bookbinding, Skyping my partner, and playing with my dogs.

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