Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On My Inspiration Board - October 2012

 Oh, you want to see the rest of my [non-Pinterest]inspiration board? I did just leave that dangling in my last post. :) Here's my board:

It's a dry-erase magnet board that my mom and I painted together before I left home for college. Yes, I've had this thing for over a decade. When we moved into the latest place, I thought about donating it to Goodwill, but I just didn't have the heart to give it up, so here it is, back on the wall again. :)

I'm usually a little lost about the look I want to achieve, but when I look at the items on this board, it all comes together a little bit better. I want a look that's intelligent, sexy, put-together but not fussy, feminine, pretty, and maybe with a tiny bit of cute, because it's simply not possible for me to get rid of the cute factor.

I've been thinking about a more cohesive wardrobe, and the two colors in the photo from Monday - navy and stone/tan - are probably the best choice for neutrals for me. You'll be seeing a lot of those in the near future.

If you're interested in some better photos of the individual pictures on my inspiration board, here are some pretties for you to scroll through. :)

 Love the texture on this dress! And the box pleating at the wasitline.

 This cross-over bodice just sucks me in. Elegant and interesting.

 Again, with the pleating at the waistline. I prefer this so much over gathering!

Umm... Have I mentioned how much I want to take Gertie's Bombshell class? I want to make this dress, except in a color that would be more flattering on me. This color's great on her, but it would make me look queasy.

 Ah, Drew Barrymore. I want your whole outfit.

 Inspired by the simple beading at the neckline of this top.

 Not so simple, but I don't think it's overdone either. I love the pleat/tucks, the shoulder gathering, and the not-over-the-top sequins.

 I can't wear such high necklines, but I can definitely be inspired by the ruffles and the bronze-buttoned keyhole.

 I adore this simple woven tee, with its boatneck and feminine fabric.

Pintucks in a hemline are such a great detail. I want to include more details like this in my own makes.

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