Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Muslin for Craftsy Couture Dress - Vogue 8648

This month is just flying by! I missed the last two posts, and suddenly it's the end of the month and I'm planning my giveaway post for Friday! :) I finished constructing my muslin for the Couture Dress course, and I'm pretty excited about it. It took me a while to fit it, though, because it's not possible to do that for myself. :) Anyway, some photos and thoughts about my muslin.

The front. Here, you can see there's some weird wrinkling at the top of the midriff band, and you can also see a ton of horizontal lines across my hips. I need to do an FBA, take in the top of the midriff band, and let out the side seams in the skirt. The waist is a little too high, but it will be lowered when I do the FBA.

On the side view, you can also see a little fold pointing toward my bust point from the armhole, which is another indicator of the need for an FBA. You can also see a little bit of the diagonal lines at the top of the midriff band and the top of the skirt. These indicate a massive need for a swayback adjustment, which you'll see more of in the other two photos.

If ever I had any doubts that I was a pear shape, this photo has put them to rest. Damn! I need to let out the princess seams along my butt to make a little more room for it, and in this photo, you can see a whole lot of those swayback lines. I'm thinking about adding a vent in the back as well.

This last photo shows the lines at the hip and back as well as the way the side seams pull forward, which I'm hoping will be fixed with the swayback adjustment.

Do you see anything I don't see? I'm pretty happy with this muslin, even with all its issues.


  1. This dress is going to turn out great! It is so hard to do a fitting when you are alone :(
    The dress is a really pretty style.

  2. I really hope it turns out well! It's pretty much impossible to do a dress fitting on your own, so I waited for my partner to come home from a short trip. The problem is, she doesn't know a pin from a needle. :P I finally got my interlining and lining in the mail yesterday, so I'm going to wash them this weekend and hopefully get the muslin finished so I can cut into my real fabrics!

    1. I can't wait to see it!!
      I got started on a new project last night - first time using lace. I didn't want to overwork myslef, so I said to myself to stop after I cut out the underlining and the lace and the waist band BUUUUUTTTTT I got all gee'd up and ended up cutting out the lining and finishing the whole bodice hehehhehee.

      Hopefully you are like me and can't stop cos I wanna see the dress in the real dress fabric!