Friday, January 13, 2012

The "Goes with Everything" Skirt - Completed!

This is my first completed project of 2012, and my second item for my SWAP. I'm super excited!

Fabric: 1 1/2 yards dark denim from JoAnn and a bit of quilting cotton from my grandma's stash
Pattern: Burda Jenny pencil skirt
Year: Modern
Notions: navy zipper, fusible interfacing, hem tape from grandma's stash
Time to complete: 16 hours. What? I said I'm slow!
First worn: to work on January 13
Wear again? Yes! I'd wear this skirt every day if I could!
Make again? Absolutely! This pattern was a breeze to work with. The time it took was just me being the tortoise. :)
Total price: $14

The Sew Weekly theme this week was to use an accessory as your inspiration for a garment. The minute I saw the theme, I knew what I would be using as my inspiration. I bought this scarf from Urban Outfitters (a store that I paradoxically love but in which I've never been able to find an item I didn't hate). It was the first thing I've ever found there that I loved, and I loved it so much I had to have it immediately. It goes with everything I own, with its navy, off-white, dark red, pink, light blue, yellow, orange...I could wear anything with this scarf and it would match.

In the spirit of multi-use garments, I made a skirt that I could wear with anything in my closet (including that lovely scarf). In fact, I can wear this skirt with the blouse I bought months ago and then never wore because it doesn't go with anything else I have. I can wear it with the colored tights my mom bought me for Christmas (I'm wearing the maroon today).

I cut a size 36 (US 4) in the waist and graded to a size 42 (US 10) in the hip, then shaved off some of the width in the high hip because my width is lower. I also took a page out of Tilly's book and removed a lot of the width of the waistband, because I'm pretty short too. My finished waistband is 2" wide. I made a swayback adjustment and then did a similar adjustment to the front of the skirt. I think the ripples in the fabric that make that necessary might be created by my low, wide hips, but who knows? All I know is that adjustment works. :) I added 1 1/2" to the length of the skirt, so it would hit just above the knee. Finally, I used Sunni's tutorial over at A Fashionable Stitch to add a back vent to the skirt, and I put in a lapped zipper instead of a centered zipper.

Oh, and I looked at Lauren's post on hem tape over at Lladybird to get a visual on how to put this stuff in. It looks so pretty, doesn't it?

I love this super-dark denim and the perfect fit, but the thing that's really special about this skirt for me is the fact that I was able to use things that used to belong to my grandma. Every time I pull this skirt on, I'll see this pretty blue-flowered cotton that my grandma bought once and used for something small (there was a tiny bit of it cut out). That was also some of her lace hem tape (and it was already cut to exactly the length I needed...weird!).

*Oh! And the first three photos were taken by my awesome and supportive coworker Monique.


  1. Well done, it looks great, and I bet you'll get loads of use out of it too.

  2. Looks lovely !! I love the shape of the Jenny so much - it looks fab on you ! Great job !! x

  3. Lovely skirt - it really does look like it will go with everything! BTW nothing wrong with being a slow sewer - I'm slow too!

  4. Great job! I really do like it's slick shape and versatile fabric. I really need to get on making my own pencil skirt. They really do go with everything, I feel.

  5. Very pretty and looks like a good fit! I love the lace hem tape, such a pretty detail!

  6. Great fit and the back vent is seems a lot of bloggers are sewing with denim this week. Me too!

  7. Wow, thank you all so much!

    Gabrielle, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm really working on enjoying the process and not just the finished product. :)

    Alessa, I keep turning my hem out just so I can see the lace hem tape. I've never had such a pretty detail inside my clothes! Well, except for the jeans I had once that had "You are beautiful" embroidered on the inside of the waistband. The company that did that was genius. I always felt good pulling those jeans on.

  8. I was shocked to see your skirt, as it so much resembles this skirt of mine ;) And I love your hem detail!

    1. The two skirts are so similar! Your snap closure looks very cool too. I haven't taught myself how to use snaps yet, but I bought some recently, so maybe it'll be time to learn soon.