Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinterest Parade #6

I was hunting around Modcloth today, which I know everyone does occasionally (or a lot), and I found some super cute dresses I'm thinking about replicating. After I get through everything else in my sewing queue...

This dress is just adorable, with the sheer overlay that's ruched at the bodice. It actually looks strikingly similar to the first dress I ever sewed, McCall's 5001. The only difference is the seam at the waistline, and the sweetheart neckline is less defined in this dress. Sadly, I cut the pattern itself out instead of tracing it when I first stitched this up, so I'm not sure what kind of shape it's in.

This dress is pretty similar too. I do have a thing for strapless sweetheart dresses with flared skirts, don't I? Even my wedding gown fits into this category! Anyway, I love the polkadots and the colors. Is that skirt navy or black? I want it to be navy, so that's what I'll call it. :)

Not strapless! I really love this dress. I could probably wear it every day, except that the colors wouldn't be the best on me. But in other colors, I could rock this dress. Maybe I'd make it separates instead of a dress, though. More versatile that way? Hmm... I'm thinking the Colette Sorbetto for the top, but I'm not sure what pattern I'd use for the skirt.

This dress is adorable, with the pleats and the draping. I'm not an orange girl, but I'm a sewer, so it wouldn't have to be orange. The thing is, I have no idea how to go about making this dress. Maybe I could submit it to Sew Weekly's Make This Look.

Again with the Sorbetto-like top and gathered skirt look. This is one dress, but it could totally be separates. I'm thinking I need to try my hand at the Sorbetto, maybe with ruffles...

Last but not least, one of my favorites of the bunch. I love the way the piping was used all the way down the front center seam. I'd wear this dress at least once a week if I owned it. I'm also fairly certain that I could find a similar pattern. (It seems I'm really into polkadots this week too.)


  1. I love looking through ModCloth when I need sewing inspiration! That overlay on the pale green is darling.

  2. These are so cute! The gold and black dress kind of reminds me of the Coffee Date dress on BurdaStyle:

  3. @Cation Designs, Isn't Modcloth amazing? There's so much inspiration there! I like Anthro and Boden too (Boden has some super cute details on their clothes, although I wouldn't replicate anything of theirs exactly).

    @gingermakes, Thank you so much for that link! The Coffee Date dress is so close to that one. I'm definitely filing that away for future use.

  4. :) Some very adorable dresses!