Friday, December 9, 2011

Pinterest Parade #6 - Ideas for Skirts in Cool Weather

This week's parade has a theme - skirts in cool weather. I'm so sick of my jeans!!

This first outfit has layers on top, and with tights and a pair of pink heels, it's a great outfit for the cold. Also, I love that denim pencil skirt. You can't even call it a jean skirt, it's so classy!

This outfit has a totally different silhouette with the full skirt, but I love it. I've been having trouble with certain cardigans on top, because they don't accentuate my waist very well. I need to find one that does so I can copy this look. Can you tell I'm into the navy, pink, and white?

Color! I don't usually wear a lot of bright colors, and I'm not sure how this yellow would look so close to my face, but I love the yellow and dark navy, and nude heels were the perfect choice for this outfit. Also, the sweater looks so soft and cozy! I'm seeing a theme here. I think I really need a navy pencil skirt, possibly in denim as well.

I'm not so much a fan of brown. I know a lot of people are, but it's just not a color I wear a lot. However, in other colors (navy, pink, and white, anyone?), I would totally wear this outfit. The sweater and skirt with a wide belt that matches the skirt... I may have dreams about layers of ruffles tonight. :)

This last skirt outfit isn't very cool-weather as it is, but toss on a sweater/cardigan and some tights, and you're good to go. Also, I adore Lilli and her blog, which I just found a couple of weeks ago. The pattern mixing in this outfit is so inspirational. The blouse reminds me a little of the Colette Jasmine, with a larger tie.

Moral of this story? I want to make a navy pencil skirt, and I think I might replace the full gray skirt in my SWAP plan with this, so I can use the pattern over and over again (denim! stripes! lace!). I also want to make the Colette Jasmine (in pink, maybe?), and I could really use some better-fitting cardigans. Hmm... I'm out of town right now, but when I get back, it's time to start working on pattern selection and fitting for my SWAP!

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  1. Ooh, I like that denim pencil skirt, too! It's totally chic (but washable and durable)!