Friday, May 27, 2011

First Post

If my clothing situation continues as it is, I'll be naked within the next two years. I don't have many articles of clothing at all, and about three quarters of those items I do have are stained, have holes, are inappropriate for work (or even dinner out!), or are not flattering colors or cuts. As I'm typing this, the nicest think I'm wearing is a gray skirt that I bought at Old Navy for $3 a couple months ago, and it's paired with a six-year-old white tank with green flowers and underarm stains, and a pair of last year's black Target sandals, whose soles are falling off. Writing that makes me a little embarrassed at the state of things.

This is a picture of the inside of my closet so you can see how bare it is.

And a close-up of the shoes, because they're the best things in my closet at the moment:

My biggest problem is that I'm working on paying off my credit card bills, and I don't have spare money to spend on updating my wardrobe. My second biggest problem is that, as I was told by the saleswoman at the wedding gown boutique, my bust is a size 2, my waist is a size 4, and my hips are a size 8. I'm also a D cup, which makes sizing even more complicated.

I sewed a dress for myself once before, and I've been getting more and more interested in the possibilities of stitching my own wardrobe. It will all fit perfectly, the fabric will all be flattering, and I don't have to spend months searching for the perfect lbd only to end up taking home something not-quite-perfect.

This blog will document my adventures in sewing and creating a new wardrobe I can feel confident in.

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