Sunday, May 29, 2011

Building a Small Stash

I spent this weekend collecting the beginnings of my new wardrobe. I went to the PTO Thrift Shop and bought a blue flowered queen flat sheet, a white flowered full flat sheet, over 2 yards of charcoal gray lining, over 2 yards of blue and tan plaid wool, and an irregularly-shaped piece of thin yellow cotton with little raised white dots, all for $18. I also spent $38 at JoAnn's Memorial Day sale for five Simplicity patterns (2176, 2250, 3877, 2886, and 3823), New Look pattern 6557, nine skeins of DMC embroidery floss, two yards of a gorgeous silky gray fabric with white, lavender, and rose dot bursts, two spools of pink thread, and an invisible zipper.

I'm so excited about all of it! I think the first pattern I'm going to make is New Look, view B, in the blue flowered queen sheet. It'll be a more casual sundress-type dress, and it would be really cute paired with a white cardigan. Something I'll actually need to purchase ready-made. Ah, well. Can't make everything. :)

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